Well ANZAC day has provided a good opportunity for me to have a really good look at some teacher blogs and see if I can share some resources and pages that I find. My son and I attended the dawn service as, although this day allows me a day at home to study, the importance of it has not been forgotten. (Just wanted to say that, as I feel today is not just a public holiday to me!) However, not wanting to waste time that has been presented to me, it’s back on with study….

So I have spent a lot of this morning browsing blogs that I am following and trying to contribute to the conversations. Some people are really writing some great stuff and it is quite enjoyable just reading my fellow students musings. This is however, very time consuming and I feel that I am perhaps a little behind some of the others with my postings and interactions. So here I go….

I have clicked on so many links and flicked through some many blogs from other sources that I thought I would just add them here so I can go back and review them. Some that I have found from teachers, are a little past dated, but I thing the information and ideas seem to be still relevant. One that I particularly like is Tips for a fabulous first day. It has some nice ideas for the first day (as we will all experience ONE DAY!!) of class. The whole blog page looks good too as it links directly with the Australian Curriculum.

Another blog that looks to have some good info in it is Down Under Teacher. I am yet to fully explore it but am keen to flag it here so I can look back. As I am Early Childhood and my true passion remains in play based learning, I have seen a few play based blogs, which I am telling myself are not as relevant for teaching in school but I can’t get away from! My goal from study is to work in Kindergaten as I believe it is the last frontier of play based learning, however, realistically I get that I may end up in lower primary. But here it is anyway! No play no learning, Know play know learning.

And finally, we all need all the help we can get with resources so this one The 50 Best Free Teacher Resources of the Decade So Far. I can’t remember if I found this one on my own or if it was from another blog! So thanks, if it was you!! 😉

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